So this happened about a year ago. I was going bowling with some friends that day. My brother was invited, but he needed to finish a couple of programs for a MATLAB class.

So I drive my friends to the bowling place, then head to where my bro is saying. Once there my brother starts going over the program, he tells me what it's supposed to do and such. I follow along and I'm thinking "yup, this makes sense". That's when he tells me "The logic is fine, but look at what happens when I run it".

The program works fine...

We just stare at the screen, then at each other. "Your welcome" I tell him with a grin.

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    Sometimes.. being around for someone who has problems may be all the help they need.
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    I always call this move the "Almighty presence".

    If this not not solve it, "knowledge and experience of the fiery man" must do.

    But most of the time i have to use my trump card "nope, fuck this shit, no idea, I use wix professionally"
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    So basically you were his rubber duck.
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