Guy: I don't understand how people could actually learn or work as programmers.. It's so boring.

Me: have you ever programmed before?

Guy: yes

Me: what language?

Guy: matlab

I punched him in the face and kicked him in the balls. Actually just I thought about it. Maybe 3 hours later.

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    So Matlab is scripting?
    And scripting isn't programming?

    I'll fetch some popcorn and watch this thread
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    @viking8 my point is that matlab is intended primarily for numerical computing. And he's generalizing programming as boring because of matlab which in my opinion, is not very fun indeed.
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    @theScientist well, I don't like matlab but someone else probably does. But you can't say that sports are boring because you don't like one sport is what I'm trying to say haha 😇
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    Matlab is programming.And it can quite complex especially in building subsystems
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    For data visualization and graphical analysis, its great
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    Alright, so if I understand correctly the joke would be like saying video games are boring, because you don't like the complexity of dwarf fortress(all hail!). OP wasnt bashing Matlab in my opinion 😋😋
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    What I could have mentioned is that the guy was studying engineering and was basically ranting about how computer science is boring because he did learn programming in one course. Which which was the basics of matlab.
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    @aevartg Haha. All of your examples fail.
    I think @owithg gave the best example to support your post.
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    @jee1mr yes @owithg has my back 😋
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    Me: Go back to answering emails
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    @aevartg Ride or die!😉😉
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    A friend of mine once told me:
    "I'm writing programs in C!"
    Me: "ah cool what are you doing?"
    He: "Some GUI programs for MATLAB."
    Me (politely): "In C? You don't write C programs ON MATLAB"
    He: "Yes, sure", starts googling..."see? Wikipedia states 'matlab is written in C'".....-_-
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    *munching popcorn*
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    @fuwxbalp33 you can use c and c++ in Matlab.he's right.
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    Most of the people who think Matlab isn't Programming haven't used it before and that's why they are being senseless to others. Matlab is 4th gen Programming language for numerical computation.
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    @bdhobare well, he didn't convince me with "GUI written in C on matlab because matlab is written in C"....but in fact I see you can compile c code on matlab. This does not prove he was actually doing that but at least that I was wrong too!
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    @bdhobare Except its kinda useless for computation since its slow. I rather write my own computational program in c/c++.
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