Linux user on a Windows machine: "ugh, this is terrible."
Windows user on a Linux machine: "I don't know what I'm doing."

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    I'm using i3 as window-manager. In theory that could replace my password-prompt because nearly no one can work with it or even knows about it
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    @YouAreAPIRate 😂 I don't even know that that is. Fluxbox was as minimal as I ever went.
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    @antic it's a tiling window manager, it keeps the windows in tabgroups or arranges them horizontally or vertically. No more windows floating around or constant tabbing.

    The shortcuts are weird though, Alt-something or Alt-shift-something
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    @jAsE Moving to Linux: "we do things here a little differently."
    Moving to Windows: "you can't do that here."
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    Windows installations are like children. They're so cute when they're young, but then they get old and fat, and refuse to get up and go do it's damn job.
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    @jAsE speak for yourself. When i screw up i know fully well what im doing (or i realize what i did afterwards)
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    @YouAreAPIRate that's the ticket!
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    I'm the only on in the office with a Unix system XD we use docker, so everyone uses emulated terminals to access the VM and that crazy weird-arse Ubuntu power shell, and git bash. I can't find any commands...
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    I can confirm that this works. Especially if you don't have a status bar running. Most people will wait awhile for it to load and tell you it's broken 😂
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    I'm a user of both, and I think they're great for different use. I use Windows as my main OS, but all my servers run Linux and I also use it for development. It's like wanting to choose between a spreading knife and a chef's.
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    @antic looks like you're describing windows... In 90s
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    It's becoming more and more possible to run Linux as a desktop OS. It's completely replaced Windows for me, sans some games. That said, more and more are making their way over, or can be played in WINE. The original Witcher, KoTOR, DOOM 2016... All playable with no issues.
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    @YouAreAPIRate Dude.. I am a pirate.. How did you know ?
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    @notroot i have i 1:3.14 chance of success, it's the magical... pirate-pi-rate
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    @YouAreAPIRate 😂😂😂😂😂😂
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