Just found out that Devrant has a light theme. Much better. My eyes say thank you!

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    That is the default
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    @ThaOneDude Has been a long time since I installed devrant and used the dark theme. Must have forgotten about it lol
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    @binop lol
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    "Es ist aber nicht Donnerstag"
    "Nein. Es ist heute, am Sonntag aber auch am Samstag und am Mittwoch."
    "Neiiiiin. Es ist nicht heute!!!!!!34+122345=^£_/&;/#÷=$!"
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    Come back to the dark side you know you want it muhahaha
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    It's funny because I LOVE dark themes, but with the default dark theme of Devrant (don't know if it's related to the colors or what) if I'm in a dark place and stay a "long" time on the app (say 15 min), I start getting headaches, has anyone else experienced this?
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    @daniem10 I experience this with light theme...
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