When I accidentally exit f.lux and the whole screen becomes white

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    Ha, yes.
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    You mean reshift okay!
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    @sapte I don't know about any other changes though. Wondering why you added you website in your....
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    @wolfram I used to use redshift when I was using fedora. For windows I think f.lux is okay
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    I suffer from this all the time when at 11pm I realise I need to shut it off to edit photographs. I can hear my eyes screaming.
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    When the first time it accidentally happened, it really opened my eyes to how much difference it actually makes. Love this app !
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    I use Twilight on my Android phone which is great. Tried the F.lux beta but it didn't dim the screen enough for me.
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    I use all the ones mentioned. Twilight for phone. Redshift for Linux. F.lux for Windows. I work with an Optometrist who drummed into me the importance of blue light filters.
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    Cyanogenmod color temperature control feature, Gunner glasses and f.lux. Those are my picks.
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    @Darkmantle I use exactly the same as you.
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