Don't these recruiters check how it looks before posting it?

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    Yep, that's considered entry level now.

    Mid-level is 20 years of Java experience.

    Senior is 60 years of Pyhon experience.
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    And every company wants a cheap senior, as in 20 years old with 10+ years of experience
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    They just want someone that will be paid as a entry level, but with 8 years of experience.

    Remember when I was trying to find a job as a trainee (~2002) and I couldn't find anything because they want a trainee with experience.
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    @andros705 what, you haven't started learning Python 40 years ago? Better luck next time
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    Is this one of those highlander "there can be only one" things?
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    I did once see a job posting for a react developer with 6 years of experience and it was just dumb founding. I will try to find it to show everyone
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    This is happening a lot lately.
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    Well I guess if I want my future children to have any chance in getting a position I need to train them right now.
    Anyone knows how to start teaching code to the spermcells? (preferably while they are still in my balls)
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