Dear Windows update ranters,

no it's not ok that it updated without asking you.
Yes, you can avoid that, either by changing your update settings or installing a third party program that will block updates or prompt you before installing them. Tbh, it can hardly be easier and simpler than that.
Whatever you do though, and I think a lot of people will agree with me on this one, do NOT post a photo of the update screen. We've literally seen every possible variation of those, including but not limited to loss of unsaved work, inability to work on an urgent project, or just classic anger that such a critical piece of software must update itself once in a while.

We all know that such posts get hundreds of upvotes because hating on Windows is in. All the cool kids do it. However, I believe that we can all do better than that by posting quality rants.

Thanks for reading

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    You're welcome
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    I fully agree with you.
    Windows 10 is my main OS, I find that it suits my needs and I'm happy with it. Yes it updates itself without asking me sometimes but I've been using this third party software that prevents these updates from getting downloaded and also stops all telemetry activities that send data to MS.
    I disabled cortana and don't use smart screen.
    With little customisation here and there, you get a good enough OS.
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    Thank you! I do have one exception to this though... I think the fact that there's a risk of data destruction due to an update (see one of my rants/comments about the RAW partition bug) is a massive problem though.
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    Plus the people that get pissed off about Windows auto installing updates are such neanderthals that they don't even know how to open up Group Policy and just disallow the OS from auto installing. I do that on every PC I work on first thing and have never had an issue with it restarting on me. I update Windows on my own terms and so does everyone else that's smart enough to do basic Windows OS management. For people that have that much trouble with Windows updates I seriously question their developer credentials, if you can't even solve basic Windows config tasks how can you solve the much more advanced issues you'll run into while programming?
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    Sharing this again as it is still relevant

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    I was using Windows 10 for over a year now, dual booted Ubuntu a few days ago.

    But back to Windows, I never had an issue with the updates expect the one time when the system was updating and it just crashed. It was a bit of a problem but I managed to fix it.

    Some of the problems I am facing now are with the apps.
    1. The windows mail app doesn't work. It says I have problems with my email.
    2. I tried the Outlook, I cannot use my Google account for mails.
    3. It doesn't uninstall apps no matter how many times I do it. I have to go into the settings and uninstall the app.
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    Wait, why are we not allowed to rant about when our os does something annoying? I have seen all possible variations of how windows sucks but so have I about how clients suck or how bad code sucks...
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    That's true except when you don't have admin privileges, with a corporate security policy you are forced to keep automatic settings.

    When I grab a random notebook at the office for a meeting, or the meeting room dedicated desktop pc, you can bet that the sucker will decide to update the moment I start the meeting.

    So yes, I think I'll keep ranting about that windows corporate crap.
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    @rising what is it that you use to stop telemetry ?
    Also does it affect the performance negatively ?
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    @irene what does PEBCAK mean?
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    I am still waiting for #NSFW version of those. So you cannot really say you have literally seen every possible variation of those.

    // if you have windows update screen with boobs or girls .. do mention me. I will share you my email 🤓
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    @irene fine with anything, really.
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    I would add the same also for all BSOD rants, many of them on an ancient version of windows or fake... And of course none of them consider that in most cases it's a faulty hw/driver/sw, but hey blame ms and windows is cool on devrant, no?
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    @Maroti it's called Spybot Anti-Beacon, I've had it installed on windows more than 2 years since I started using Win10.
    I didn't notice any performance issues.
    Bit some on reddit are complaining about how it crashed their laptop. Not sure if it's because Spybot, so installing it or not is your call. Cheers.
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    every time i update my PC it become very slow. high ram usage, high cpu usage.. 😤😤
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    I approve, we can pause Windows update in Windows 10, that will be a good option to customize updates
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