Man I currently have a burning hot passionate desire for physics. It actually gets me so damn excited. I mean it is basically damn magic ya know. But then I have a passionate desire for programming and that gets me excited. And then I have a burning desire for Math and that gets me excited as well. But I don't know what to push my life towards because I want to focus more on my ultimate goal. It's like having to choose between 3 amazing girls(not that I would know how that feels)

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    That puts you on a nice situation my dude!! Go on and use that in code! Most developers i know hate math. Funny enough, often the most elegant solutions come from math based approaches!
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    @ThaOneDude.. become a *practical" physicist. That's what they do.. they know physics (pfft..) they know Math and they have to know programming to perform simulations, experiments, optimizations, etc
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    Allow me to recommend graphics programming and digital image synthesis :)

    I, too, love all three subjects, and graphics is the one thing that has managed to satisfy all three of them. I'm currently writing a physically accurate raytracing engine for my final year project, and the sheer amount of practical physics (optics, microfacet theory, camera models, lens properties, scattering in mediums, etc.) I've had to do is just...well, awesome.

    There's some good practical maths too - sampling theory, Halton sequences, Mitchell-Netravali filters, Metropolis-Hastings algorithm, quaternions, etc.

    And it's hardcore C++ programming because, well, raytracers need to be fast and you just have to take control of memory management, almost no other language can do that. Plus, there's cool algos and data structures like kd-trees, BVHs (including variants like Linear BVHs and HLBVHs), Moller-Trumbore ray triangle intersection, etc.

    Plus you get to render cool looking pictures and animations :p
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