Those anyone has created a Chrome theme?

Dunno if Im a dumbass or there is no fucking documentation.. I have seen old forums of ppl coursing google for making it so difficult (apart from the standard upload a picture bs)

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    Once for shits and giggles to try something different, i would suggest don’t do it 😂
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    Just looking at the docs, it appears they are just as bad as they were a few years ago.

    basically you write a json file with everything in it (images/tints/Colors ect and attempt to import it before you can publish it to the store.

    It will either work or look horribly wrong or not import.

    Edit: here’s the dodgy one I did In 2011 🤮
    Somehow it has 100 installs 😍

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    @C0D4 thanks for sharing, I will learn from it, when I work on it again I will share my advancements
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