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    Why is dreamviewer still a thing ffs
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    In my school we don't have much of a choice of program for text editors - they even blocked notepad (because let's make sure no one writes a batch file!), so dreamweaver is suggested for web development, but I choose WORDPAD over it any day.. WORDPAD!
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    I was tempted to install VS Code
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    @gitpull the funny thing is, they've blocked notepad and cmd, but you can still use PowerShell (we clearly have great sysadmins) and open notepad from there
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    @j4cobgarby They are giving you signs from under the hood. How about signalling them back? ;)
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    I mean I couldn't explain it to myself else
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    @gitpull well they've set up the network in such an amazing way so that when they watch someone's screen, it flickers a bit, so often when they're watching us we open paint and write "hello!"
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    BTW. I'm glad I'm not at school anymore. They used to do that frequently
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    When I was in college I was excited to be doing web development, turns out we were going to be doing the whole module on wix.com. I was ready to commit suicide 😂

    BTEC IT L3
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    @j4cobgarby thank you for your support. 😂 It was a horrible experience, not so much for me, I knew I could do it if I wanted, but felt sorry for those coming out saying, I DEVELOPED A WEBSITE TODAY. 😂😣
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