Apparently, a lot of people here are complaining about the fact cs classes (and I'm talking about uni here) are way too much theory and far too less teaching practical things. And don't get me wrong, I don't like viewing cs only from a theoretic point of view either, BUT I think cs education is made to teach you how solve complex cs problems by yourself and give you the tools on how to learn about these things in the future. And this is very much theory.

CS is the science part, so don't wonder if there's a lot of theory in it. If you only want to learn how to program, maybe you should take programming courses instead.

In school though, cs education should be less theory and more doing practical (funny) things, programming, "how does the internet work", "why I should not give my credit card details to random strangers on the internet", things like that.

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    CS Senior here. I've read a few of the complaints here and I run a few clubs full of complaining students.

    I would say the main problems are CS courses missing the mark completely on what is relevant to the industry and not updating their curriculum since the 80s.

    I say the second one because we had a guest we had a guest speaker from SMU who wanted to use his own updated material, which in his in all fairness it was great material, but my University shut him down and said you had to use the standard they had in place
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