It is bothersome that a college degree is more important than demonstrable skills.

"You're so smart! Where'd you go to college?"
"I didn't."

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    As if the only way to learn was to pay someone to read to you 🤣
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    Idk I just don't think it's as bad as it used to be like 5 years ago. People are starting to give less shits about it, as long as the job gets done. But that's just my two cents.
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    @jhh2450 when the old traditional folks all die off or go into retirement, they take their antiquated ideals with them. Progression is when new generations replace the old ones.
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    If that question actual matters instead of being an automatic response - it's a good signal that you don't want to work with that company
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    Remember, to get a job you need to pay someone to teach you something you can learn for free online
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    "Wow, cool backflip! Where'd you go to college?"
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    Watched chappie, wanted to make AI.

    Go to Uni.

    This is complicated. And boring.

    Ah Heck it, I'll just buy a roomba.
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    @antic what if by then, your new generation boss doesn't hire you because you're a decade older and your references are too old school? I'm sorry Mr but you're just not the right cultural fit for us.
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    I have only ever encountered a handful of postings that had a hard requirement for a college degree. And they never required a technology-focused major. Just a degree. You could have majored in expressive dance. The remaining 99.8% had no arbitrary degree requirement. So if I've ever seen the requirement, I just laugh, tell them good luck staffing it, and move on to employers who are serious.
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    @kalelinux depends on the country
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