So like a year ago an Microsoft Scammer called me while i was middle in my exams week, so i took half an hour break to talk etc. So i started my VM and let him on it. He started showing me things that aren’t “safe” etc. But i needed to go. So i said: “Call me again tomorrow same time” Well the next day he called. But i really did not have the times for all of this because of my exams so i cut it into a short conversation like this: “Well sir, You made me so afraid yesterday with how many viruses i had, that today i went to the apple store and bought an MacBook and i’ve thrown the other laptop away.” Then he was quiet for like 25 seconds and was started with: “Sir your MacBook has serious problems let me help you!” Then i called him out for being a scammer and he hang up. Just wanted to share 1 of the few stories i have had with such “microsoft” scammers.

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    It sounds like he didn't know how to react at all so he went on autopilot.
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    You should offered him help to fix his PC by suggesting to install linux
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