I told my girlfriend about Devrant. Now she's hooked onto it and doesn't pay attention to me. And now I'm ranting about it on Devrant. Oh the irony! T_T

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    At least you guys can talk on Devrant :)
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    Don't worry as soon as she has read the good (mostly older) rants, it will balance out.
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    Welp, I bet she felt that way before about you and the reddit app?
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    Never hook your girlfriend on the same drug you consume. ;)
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    @irene haha naah, but I’ve had that conversation with mine. She was playing LEGO games on PS4 and I instantly knew what she felt like with me.
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    Was the rhyme intentional?
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    I bet you got ++ from her
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    @JFK422 Yush!
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    @1989 He could rant about the app. in the app?!
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    13 days, and OP's girlfriend still didn't comment. What a shame, I wanted to see how they interacted.
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    @JFK422 it was!
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