Part of my job involves speaking with users on the phone and I really don’t mind it except for THESE PEOPLE:

Me: Hi! XYZ Co. this is Tawzer!
Them: Hi Tawzer this is blah blah I need help with the website I just can’t figure it out!
Me: Okay! Let me ju-
Them: Yeah you know I’ve been struggling for hours with it I really don’t have time for this.
Me: Oh I imagine! What’s your-
Them: Well I was gonna try and get everything done today by 3 but with all of this tech stuff going wrong I just don’t know...
Me: That sounds frustrating, can i get your-
Them: Is this going to take long??
Me: Nope! I just need to know your-
Them: like I said I just really don’t have time for this!
Me: ........ What’s your-
Them: well I-
Them: Uh I don’t know can you look me up? I didn’t know I’d need that.
Me: 👩🏻‍💻

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    You’re a trooper
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    UPDATE: just got off the phone with somebody who INSISTED that I reset her gmail account password. I don’t work for google. I don’t even. I can’t even understand what her thought process was there.
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    @Tawzer “oh yes, you work in IT, you obviously must be one with the internetworks. Could you please reset my google password? Oh and would you mind taking a look at the printer afterwards? It’s jamming again”
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    @Tawzer oh speaking of, you mind deleting my junk mail after you finish resetting their password?
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    @Nilo-jxn of course! Just need your username and password :)
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    @thealex “oh yeah and by the way the internet on my laptop has been down for like three days! I haven’t gotten any work done!”
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    I admire your courage to talk to people that are not computer-sensitive :D
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    And why are you asking for the client's username? Plans to hack his account? XD :P
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    @Tawzer may be if you put a social link in your profile someone will hire you 😂😂
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