Headphones on = I'm in a flow. Leave me the fuck alone.

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    Never thought that devs could be poetic too haha
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    although i'd like to do that myself, this doesn't really run well in an agile team
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    If only people followed that rule.
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    No, I won't,
    I wanna break yo flow,
    So you can rant here,
    And curse me slow.

    (Don't curse me though :))
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    What blows my mind is when someone sees my headphones on, sees the bouncing audio bars that I purposely display on my monitor to indicate that something is playing, and someone STILL comes into my cubicle talking to me. So annoying. At least get my attention first, for crying out loud!
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    PM: *sees dev wearing headphones* *taps on your shoulder*
    Dev: *removes one ear cup* “yes?”
    PM: “you busy?”
    Dev: *internal screaming*
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    @Blake happens every single time
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    Oh the mood is so on.
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    You need: https://entrepreneur.com/article/...
    (warning: the clickbait and probably trackers are strong on that website)
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    Preach it brother.
    Fucking marketing girl always bugs me while I'm in the zone. Just to ask stupid things... Like if I want to eat or grab a coffee.
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    Flow? What flow? Help me fix my computer. I can't connect to internet. Also cannot print.
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    @Terrestrial and then you guys complain that you can't get chicks 🤔
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    Well I do live with my gf.
    But yeah reading my statement now, I get why you would say that :-D
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