So we've been working with a VM at a university course I'm taking during semester break. Keyboard layout was QWERTY instead of QWERTZ, and I'm not used to the first layout, but no problem, I can fix that.
Or so I thought.

So I spend nearly half an hour trying to configure the VM to use the desired layout without altering the Ubuntu instance that much - only to then suddenly discover a small USA flag in the corner of the panel bar which could be changed by clicking once to the German flag.
This also changed the keyboard layout instantly.
So, yay, I guess. D:

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    I use dvorak, sadly, there’s not much support for it
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    @-vim- how's Dvorak feeling compared to the qwert ones?
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    @ilikeglue Like typing faster than flash, and not being tired after it
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    @-vim- how hard is it to relearn touch typing? I type around 95wpm with 90% accuracy using standard QWERTY right now, but I want to transition to Dvorak and am concerned I’ll be a chicken peck typist for the rest of my life lol
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    @Tawzer I learnt using dvorak.nl
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