So far this month I applied for 15+ game development related jobs, and spent ages carefully crafting customized cover letters and resumes for each particular job. Didn't get as much as a "thank you for your application".

Then, for the one random job application I applied to on LinkedIn using my most generic resume, and no cover letter, I get a near instant response and an invitation to coordinate day/time for an interview in person. Wtf.

Anyway, hope I get the job, because I'm running out of food.

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    Same happens with girls
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    @carlosjpc Your comment speaks to me on a pretty religious level lol
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    @jhh2450 cheers bro
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    @carlosjpc At this point I'm done trying. A relationship would just be a distraction and more money being spent.
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    All the best in your interview
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    > Same happens with girls

    I haven't found that myself !

    Same with jobs..

    I think its a geographical issue myself..
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    FX [ Crosses fingers. ]
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    I had put my CV on around 10 jobsites, looking for a junior developer job after some self study. I constantly received mails and phone calls for 2 weeks straight. Don't know if this applies to game development as well though.
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    If you run out of food, I can recommend the likes of:


    Ask for free food.

    Worked for me. :-)
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    Where do you live? The problem might be your current location :)
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    Thanks people! Fingers and toes crossed here too...

    @FunkDelegate I put my CV and contact info on maybe five-six different job sites, but the market for the kinds of jobs I am after is not the greatest where I live, so no phone calls. One linkedin recruiter messaged me, but nothing came of that.

    @Sunsette I'd rather not disclose my location :) but what you said could very well be the case.
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    @Nanos you live in Europe, right?
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    Update: I got the job :)
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    @wizzzard Champagne! 🚬
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    Update: I celebrated too early. No job. Between sending me a contract suggestion for review and me showing up at their office a week later to sign it, they implemented a hiring freeze that will last ... Who knows how long. *sigh*
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