*me, coding at a pub*
*random dude walks up to me*
He: "what are you doing? Programming? What?"
Me: "yup. That's a horizontally and vertically scalable webservice, that's using amqp, rest APIs and encryption to schedule starting, stopping and autoscaling of a total of 90 heroku applications. This webinterface *showing* allows you to trigger starts and stops manually and monitor all processes."
He: "oh, so you are programming a Website? In HTML?"
Me: "euhm........ Yes."

I understand this dude had probably no clue what I was talking about.. Yet I am angry at him. Reducing more than 12k loc to HTML... Go fuck yourself.

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    Hey, you did do some HTML.
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    @PrivateGER yup, and I went insane messing around with bootstrap and Css.
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    But why would you say all that to some random dude in a pub before finding out if he knew anything?
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    @XiovV i prefer to code on tub than pub 😂
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    @XiovV beer, mostly.
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    @scholl3ss front end 😱😭😭
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    I usually just say I'm making a web app or something they can latch their knowledge onto.
    I'll explain a small easy part of it. They ask a question, I either agree or correct them. Turn it into a teachable moment.

    My Tech. Comm. Professor said when you throw a bunch of jargon at a person, you don't look smart, you look like an asshole.

    So I explain things in as simple a language as possible. Not saying your an asshole, just what my professor taught us about using jargon .
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    Why are you building something that massive on Heroku

    Just put it on aws and convert some to Lambda
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    @Chlodovechus was a requirement x)
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    Buddy you're at a pub, not at work. Lower the bar a bit. Simplify what you're doing or you'll sound like those kids that are just walking thesaurus', haha
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    I hate people like you...
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    @Azer0s that's what I said! XD
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    Thats just a dick move. Any real programmer knows how to talk to non-programmers about what they’re doing. Any mention of any technical jargon is incredibly douchey.
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    What even is the point of doing this to other people? You're a cunt.
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    Yeah! HTML rulez!!!
    Microservices are also neat ^^
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    @scholl3ss I have dreams about the columns and changing their sizes just so I don’t have to fucking learn how to clearfix 😂
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    But the most important part, it’s the Fifth version of HTML right?
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    This is why you don't offer more than you're asked for 🤔
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    why would you spout a bunch of meaningless (to them) jargon to random people? Just tell them what you would tell an investor or someone in the social sciences.
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