If got to do some bugfixing at work today.
Looking through code:

if (x !== undefined || x !== null){

I want the person who wrote this to wear the ugliest and scratchiest christmas sweater with "i write bad code" written on it

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    Inb4 you realise it was you
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    @j4cobgarby nope, i had my ups and downs but i never named a function get0
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    @YouAreAPIRate that's what they named it? Oh dear
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    @j4cobgarby worst of all, they copy-pasted the function right above it and added some code at the end of the copy. They propably didn't realize they could use the result from the previous function...
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    Does it return 0?
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    @bashleigh no, it returns the index 0 of some array
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    What.... fucking hell XD so arr[0]? are.length > 1 ? @YouAreAPIRate
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    @bashleigh it's something like

    arr = this.someOtherFunc();
    return arr[0] !== undefined ? arr[0].id: undefined;
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    @YouAreAPIRate I just puked a little...
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    @PonySlaystation i should do this at work, now i only need someone to certify this perfectly valid medical condition
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    Wtf is !== Why it's not !=
    What language is that?
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    @Vitz it's javascript. Javascripts == operator has a history of fails, based on the design of the language. E.g. [[[2]]] == 2 returns true, same for 0 == "\t".
    Because of that the === operator was introduced which also checks the types of the operands
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    You don't have an equals or instanceof? 3 times =? Seriously? Who is the genius to make that up...
    Good thing they stopped at 3.... Moreover Javascript not smart enough to realize when 2 different types are being compared...
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    @Vitz there is a typeof, but what do you prefer?
    a === b
    typeof a == typeof b && a == b

    That's just the way a language born from browser wars works, it's the same with html parsing. Every browser had his own rules and exceptions and then there's backwards compatibility.
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    I would prefer a.equals(b) for value and == for reference.
    Or even better, never check for null unless it's on the UI level, always return empty objects because you can iterate them because it will just do nothing.
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