Dev: this will take around three sprints to complete.

Product owner: weeelllll I think you can manage it in one..

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    Worst It is when they say to you "when i was developing that I have would done in less time..." (After 15 years without doing It)
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    Well tell them again :D eventually they will accept it
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    Wellllll I think you can fuck off and die
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    Bahahha 1 sprint, sweet I can take my time with this one, now to meet today’s incredibly insane deadlines.

    Have a 10th ++
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    I don't get why idiots think like this. "If we knuckle down we can do it in one sprint". Most devs I've worked with don't slack off, it's not like we sit there circle jerking all day and can suddenly stop to get the feature done.
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    Ah, the good old wishful thinking approach. Sucks for them when the sprint fails.
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    Fine, multiply your estimate by 3 and call it a sprint. Problem solved.
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    This is the exact opposite of what agile is suppose to be
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    "And I think if you did it yourself it'd take an hour, so why don't you handle this one and we'll take the next one?"
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