I have a little Gradle,
It's slow as f*king sin,
And when I'm on a deadline,
It loves to sit and spin.

Oh, Gradle, Gradle, Gradle,
It takes all goddamn day,
I guess I'll make some Ramen,
'Coz Gradle loves to play.


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    I read that sort of in the time of I’m a little teapot
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    + for ramen
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    @DeveloperACE I read it in the style of Kaiser chiefs ruby ruby ruby ruby.
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    it just is so much that goes into building an android project
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    @matsaki95 woah, I actually had no idea this already was a thing - that's the tune I imagined too.

    Nothing is new on the internet, I guess
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    Ramen takes like 5 minutes to cook.

    What you should do is cook a gourmet meal.
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    @dtaposh you are talking about the awful instant ramen not the delicious fresh ramen
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    @moars42 got a link to the recipe?
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    The melody is supposed to be Kyle’s Dreidel song from South Park.
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