How to Prank someone on Windows:
1: Take screenshot of desktop with cursor on the side so its not visible.
2: Set it as wallpaper
3: Hide desktop icons and taskbar
4: Go to mouse settings and invert it
5: ....
6: Profit

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    How to prank someone on linux: you dont have to, they will eventually break something on their own
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    @BindView But they know its fixable. Unlike that microsoft thing!
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    True. I broke my volume control and bluetooth once.
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    @BindView How to prank someone on Windows: you don’t have to, they already are being pranked
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    Thats a classico, like Ctrl + alt + arrow down :p
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    @BindView I fucked up my old wifi usb while I was trying to install drivers
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    I like to rotate the screenshot and then the screen orientation. Both 180. It'll look like normal but it's upside down. Also inverting the mouse is a great addition to that. Thanks 😈
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    @Charmesal someone done that to me once. Taught me me to lock my laptop :D
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    I'd instantly know what's going on and set everything back to normal in a minute. Shit like this is common knowledge.
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    Or better yet a 'Windows is updating' screenshot and the person will sit there just staring at the screen.....right guys?? right?? Because Windows 10 restarts all the time and takes 18 hours to reboot?? right guys?? This is funny, right???
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    @intromatt please. Don't make it into one of those conversations.
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    You forgot the reset the keyboard layout to neo2 or colemak
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    How to prank a Windows user: just wait. Eventually updates will break something.
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    Actually that doesn't really happen anymore. In some rare cases you might have some driver issues to deal with but that's usually an issue with defective or very old hardware (or very exotic setups). @antic
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    @Aedath I've been doing that ever since my internship. Some new guy didn't lock it and his background was changed to gay porn. I didn't want them to screw with mine 😅
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    @jAsOn Thanks for the ++'s on every post of mine.
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    Btw. Di you folks know the ncage plugin?
    Look for it in the plugins of chrome and Firefox. pure gold
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