Management: "We have a Team Building session next week"
Colleague A: "Paintballing"
Colleague B: "Go-Karting"
On the day: "Welcome. Today we will be playing an IT Helpdesk Role Playing Game"

Kill me.

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    You definitely should pick angry customer role immediately! 😳
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    FFS. I don't see how they could've picked sth worse.
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    Aw man, what if there were a crazy-detailed DnD-styled role playing game for exactly these sorts of situations. The monster manuals would just be variations of raging customers and picky supervisors
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    @FunkDelegate They asked us afterwards what we all thought of it. I just looked away and allowed everyone else to answer.
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    @pda87 How diplomatic. Must 've been hard not to say anything 8)

    I remember defending everybody once during a meeting when everyone thought the same thing but nobody wanted to say it. I was targeted by management for the rest of the meeting... 😑
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    Pick the "I have no clue what I'm doing but I know it better than the techsupport" role
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    Have you tried switching it off and on again?
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