Today I got to work on a Python project...
Today was a good day 😊.

Have a nice weekend y'all.

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    Have a nice weekend yourselfπŸ˜„
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    @rising we have Siberian wind out something here from this weekend for a week. Temperature real feel going below -10°C .. so not so much nice weekend too go out here. Hope you have something better than that =_=
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    @yendenikhil aww poor you!
    I do have something better, sunny and warm weather. Spring is already here πŸ˜†
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    @AryaE thanks, here's a ++ for you.
    Welcome to devRant.
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    @rising (+_+)
    I wish you all the fun... I'll brood here in cold... Brrrr...

    So, what's the plan of Sunny, warm, beautiful weekend?
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    @rising thanksπŸ˜„β€
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    @AryaE ah, you are new and first ++ here, hehe, take one more. Post something, the crazier the better.. ^_^
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    @yendenikhil thanks man.
    Actually, I spend most of my weekends indoor hahaha πŸ˜…. Most of my friends are out of city so I have noone to hang out with.
    But it's been a while since I went shopping, so I guess that's gonna be my plan + some coding here and there.
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    Same here.
    Finished 2 side projects today.
    private devRant lib written in py2.7
    And Facebook account creation + confirmation.
    Such a relief haha
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    @gitpull good for you.
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