One day Boss was doing code review of my work
Boss to me: What the fuck dev1!?!? All efforts I spent to quit smoking and your XML routine gave me cancer anyway!

Another day, a colleague needed to make change to a program that hasn't been changed in looong time and sees a commit from our Boss done 15yrs ago!!!

Dev2 to Boss: Boss this signal catching routine sucks dicks! How did you become a our Boss?
Me to dev2: He sucked as many dicks as his routine did
Boss to us: Oh look! Performance appraisal is due this week. Bye-bye 7.5%

Here 7.5% referring to pay raise that is average pay raise

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    Welcome to devrant dude
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    Hey there my brother in rants.

    Would you kindly place more posts for me to ++ bomb you?

    If you get the reference, you know you have to do it.
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    @GyroGearloose thank you so much! :) I will do it. Now don't have any to rant about and also we are at project now so very busy but we close to finishing it. Also my boss introduced me to starcraft2 and now I'm hooked so when not working I mostly playing starcraft2 :) :) :)
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