So i recently started a new Instagram account with new email ID apart from the personal Instagram account which has my friends from Facebook and even from highschool.

The new account was supposed to be a secret, part of an experiment I'm doing with my life choices. And there i only follow people that i look up to. I'm not expecting anyone from real life to follow me their and i prefer if they don't.

Nobody was supposed to know about this new account other than me. But guess what, it seems this account is being advertised to my friends from other account and some of them are following this new account. I'm 99.9% sure they are following just to get a follow back.

I'm feeling shitty about this, but i ain't gonna follow them back. If i need to see their story and photos, I'd get back on my personal account.

Guess I'll have to suck it up and be okay with fact that those "friends" will be seeing my vulnerable side.

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    Happens to me too.

    I had accounts (most deleted) for the following subjects:
    •Sports trading cards
    •Sports team fan account
    •Motivational account

    All of them suggested my friends to me as people to follow. Would have to spend 15 minutes or so blocking them so they'd never see the account.
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    Just a guess but did you used these accounts with your normal ones from same IP address?
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    @marcom i've seen a security-se post stating that facebook-apps overstep their boundaries (the facebook-app reads your phone contacts and might read your clipboard). They collect data from all possible sources (best example: their new vpn-app), and they surely can connect the different profiles with the data.

    Anonymity won't be possible with facebook-services, unless you use different devices, browsers, bowsing habits and ip-addresses (virtually different devices might be enough, but if you want to be 100% sure use physical devices).

    Oh, and facebook will surely get your location on the smartphone thanks to the unique wifi-hotspots in your area
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    Using VPN and a wrapper on mobile phone instead of native FB app maybe the first step if you can not resist FB at all
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    All this advice about staying anon on fb services sounds like telling someone to put on moderate amount of protection, and go headbutting hornets nest.

    Just delete the damn account, block all their 3rd party tracking (there's some good extension and addons out there that do most of the blocking), and support social networks other social networks that don't pull this type of shit.
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    Never had Facebook account, never will. Not everyone on insta fb, and SMS still works in 2018
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