So I started getting email notifications telling me about transactions made using my credit card. But I DON'T have a credit card in the first place.

Instead of trying to call customer care and pressing an endless array of buttons, I drive to the bank. I tell them the situation and they check every database they have but they couldn't find any trace of a card connected to my account. Turns out their database somehow had cross-links in their database.
How does the one of the biggest banks in the country possibly have such an issue. Worst part is that it's been a day and they still haven't fixed it -_-

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    Now they will send you big report of all transactions you did and will deduct the amount from you account. Can't help, we are big bank, we can't stop this, you pay first to keep investigation running else it will mess up your credit score and you will be charged a late fee.
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    @yendenikhil sounds like you might be in south Africa... Where the answer to the question "when can the engineer come out to fix my telephone" is "that depends on how much you want to pay him"
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    I'm surprised customer support even talk about database. They normally avoid dive too deep with customer or talk about something they don't really know
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    @ponyboy3 No BS. Happens with me too.
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    @ponyboy3 I received my stickers half a year ago .
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    @sunfishcc the guy I spoke to at the bank was clueless. So he called his supervisor who seemed to take it seriously and then called up someone in tech to know what's going on
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