Hello! Do you have any idea how I change the connector of a ps/2 keyboard to USB? I've tried the following schematics that make sense but no success. When I plug in the keyboard the LEDs light up for about half a second and then turn off and the keyboard doesn't work.

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    PS2 isn't usb. You probably need active electronics in between.
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    @olback it should work, I've had passive adapters. The diagram is bad probably
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    From the article which you took the image from:
    "however be aware that not all devices respond well to changing the input connection. there might be complications.

    some ps2 devices require an active ps2->usb connector and do not work correctly with just a wire switchover.

    likewise, some usb devices do not work with a ps2 adapter correctly"
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    Wouldn’t it have been easier just to buy a $5 USB keyboard?
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    @olback Thanks!
    @C0D4 I taught I could save this old keyboard.
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