So I was installing ubuntu alongside windows in dual boot.

The installer had some problems while partitioning the disk, so I did it manually using GParted. Then the installer had some problems while installing GRUB.

Now I got to know that my windows partition has been corrupted and ubuntu isn't installing.

My fully functional laptop is now reduced to metal crap with no OS being able to boot. Fuck Ubunu. Fuck Linux. -_-

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    That's an easy fix and has been done thousands of times
    Hit Google up for steps required
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    So you're saying "Fuck Linux" because you fucked up a dual-boot install? Clearly you didn't read the instructions. "BACK UP ALL YOUR DATA". Dual-boot installs are tricky sometimes.
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    @olback I had my data backed up and I know how to fix it, but still fuck linux to add to my problems during installation.
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    Yup I had the same experience. Except that I backupped everything and wiped both my disk before installing.
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