Tester - The app has a bug when I try to buy a ticket
Me - okay, what's the bug ?
Tester - it shows an error
Me (trying to not high-five him with a chair in the face) - What's the error message?
Tester - ah nvm it works now!!

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Explain the issue you dimwit, don't just say it doesn't fucking work!

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    How can someone be a tester and... I don't even want to know
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    One of the major issues of people in quality assurance business is, that most of them insist of clearly and complete communication.

    But if it comes down to their own style of communication, you rather hear some kind of "ugh" and "ugha".

    Most of the time I barely can't stand this paradoxical misbehaviour.....!111!
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