A friend is trying out linux and I am helping him with it. Helped him to install and configure linux on his laptop. Tried several Arch distros and different Ubuntu flavours. But it is not about distros,but about strange glitch...

Imagine, you are having 2 monitors. One is your laptops and second is plugged in via VGA. You're dragging windows from one screen to another, doing you things, etc..
You can see and configure VGA display in display settings and so on.
So situation is exactly the same with my friend, but here comes the plot twist:

There is no monitor connected to VGA.

I can't explain it, but linux is always detecting a non-existent display. So you can drag windows to nowhere. You can see resolution on 2nd monitor and so on. Luckily, you can disable it.



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    I have the same problem with my laptop, i disabled vga and moved on
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    I had the same phenomen. I think X11 detected that it could use the screen. Windows can do it too(tested), but hides this behind an dialog.
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    What graphics card does the laptop have?
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    This can happen sometimes in laptops with 2 graphic cards, like those Intel + Nvidia combos for power saving. Try either disabling the secondary display or use proprietary drivers instead of Open source ones.
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