Hello , I am Student 1st year , studing Programming.
My dream is to be the most famous programmer in the world.I am hard worker.
I am learning C#.
The problem is that I cant find to much space to work with other here in my city , and learning my self it doesnt make sense to me.
What would you suggest to me ?

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    Just find online tutorials and make sure you constantly strive to learn new things
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    hard to beat linus torvalds
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    You need to build something to become famous. No one gives a bat shit on who wrote the code unless its worth alot on something.
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    @htlr can't help with the how to get famous part. But as far as programming goes, the more you learn, the more you realise you don't know. Take the things you don't know and work on learning them. This is a seemingly endless cycle, however you never run out of things to research.
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