So this happened today.

Client: hey I sent this ticket, what's the status/have you located the issue?
Me: well, it says it quite obviously in the error message...? (i actually said that, toned down afterwards a little)
Client: where's the error message then?
Me: 5th line....? It's literally there in plain english?
Client: ok so what does it mean?
Me:..............? "marked as spam by the receiving server"?!
Client: yeah ok but what does that mean?


Thing to keep in mind: they're a web dev/email solutions company.


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    I encounter this shit every day...
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    Yeah.. that is why I dont trust "devs" or "IT" people in general. They have to prove themself first ^^
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    @LordKerwin 😳the power of IT.

    Was her mail not on exchange? Like did you not have access to this without using SSH?
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    On the one hand, that’s really clever.

    But don’t you need the user’s password to access their keychain? At least, that’s how I open the keychain GUI on my Mac. If you copy it over to another computer, does it somehow disable the pw requirement?
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    @LordKerwin @onlinechris I’m thinking he didn’t go that route because it might be traceable back to him.
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    @LordKerwin that’s really odd.

    I can SSH into my school account from my Macbook, but my school account is separate from my Macbook login system.

    But I’m guessing in your case, since it’s work, when she logs in to her Mac, she’s also logging in to your workplace’s (local) account system. So it’s one in the same.
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    @LordKerwin proves my suspicion.

    that is REALLY bad...
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    @Linux ah, the epiphany. I knew you seemed familiar. Something about you gives me a “Gilfoyle” vibe and this statement just confirmed it. Haha
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    @LordKerwin We have AD setup for all Windows machine. We just don't have it for Mac or Linux because our IT guys don't understand it.
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