I now know another person's password without even wanting to.

He was sitting in the row in front of me, logging into our course page and then *brrrrraaaaapppp* - ran his index finger along the top number row and hit enter.


I don't even know what to say.

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    Don't say anything. Do something.
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    He might me a troll, did he type anything with the other hand?
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    Security aware users turn capslock on before 😎
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    Just don't say... \o/
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    @GlabbichRulz Caps lock doesn't affect the number row.
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    @iguana in germany it does, which really sucks
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    Similar thing happened back in secondary school, did the same thing but with the 3rd line of the QWERTY keyboard. Ended up getting caught by a network technician when he noticed new strange files appearing on the desktop, I got in trouble but the principle of using strong passwords stands.
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    when you think about it, it is pretty good idea
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    @azous Nope, it was all lazily done with one finger.
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    @GlabbichRulz Ain't gonna make a difference for the number row ;)
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    Jokes on you, he goes from ` to =

    Good luck ever getting past THAT level of security.
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    But saying something is doing something.

    I agree with @codingmonk though, do something. Inform this guy his password is terrible, that you were able to figure it out without looking, and suggest a stronger password like admin or password.
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    @occams is it bad that an admin password at school is

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