I started a job as a developer on Monday for a large retail company. There was no computer available for me because of the IT department but I'm told it will arrive later in the day. It doesn't.
On Tuesday I get told that the PC is coming and later in the day a keyboard, mouse, monitor stand and two monitors arrive but no computer.
Today, Wednesday, I get into work and find that I now have a PC. Woo! I load windows, log into my user account with my new user and pass and go to install VSCode only to find that I don't have admin privileges and can't install almost anything. I'm told that IT will add me to the admin user group soon(tm). I wait. All day. They don't do what they are supposed to do despite us pushing them to do it.
I hope that tomorrow I can actually dev, but at least I've been paid three days wage for doing nothing lol

Anyone have any shitty IT department stories?

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    Ya im an it department guy. And let me tell you. This happens alot. Day 1 i get told they hired someone. I reach into my prep pile of computer to find someone took all the preps and didnt fill it back up. I have to spend day 1 preparing the computer. That disappears the next day. Because someone needed it badly for a manager thats having a issue with god knows what. 3 days is pretty long though sounds like a shitty it department.
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    Yeah, last month I got a new notebook and started with the exact same thing: Install all my dev tools. But I wasn't an admin so I called the IT. They ask me for what I need admin rights blabla and nobody get admin rights yet because blabla... Outcome: I'm now an admin because I cannot work without it. Next day I called for the bios password to enable virtualization for vm and Android emulation xD
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    Why do you get admin privileges? Is the admin stupid?
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    Even if you guys need admin and are on the active directory, you just need local admin on the machine, which is not are security breach and won't hurt any other machines.
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    @mechtecs Escalation from local admin to domain admin is a pretty common attack vector.
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    Wait till you finally get the computer, then they take it back away because the manager needs it again for Facebooking
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    Yep, I know that pain. Our IT department is at the head office in another city, and they refuse to outsource to local engineers, so we have to courier our faulty equipment to them for repairs, and the Developers often end up having to do first level support for the less tech savvy users cos there are not support people in our office. It's fucking pathetic, just sign a goddam Service Level Agreement with a local support firm already!
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    Haha thanks for sharing guys.
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    Big organisations do this.

    Worked at a multinational.

    Ordered new dev machines. Have to go through purchasing, which means more money than necessary.

    Computers arrive. No graphics cards.

    Then have to wait another couple weeks for purchasing to understand and communicate the issue.

    Finally get it all sorted and then have to wait weeks to get the software licenses we need, they take so long the sale on the software expires, then they kick it back because the quoted price doesn’t match anymore.

    Eventually our manager just gave us his credit card and told us to get what we needed, and he’d deal with the fucking morons when they inevitably came knocking.
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    @Braed we wanted to use github, but procuring space on an on-premises server for enterprise was going to take weeks. Manager eventually just told us to buy the cloud one and he’d deal with it.

    Our risk department finally got wind of it, and needless to say they weren’t happy.

    The manager basically told them to fuck off.

    It’s helpful when every team has a company director at the head of it.
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    @mechtecs Like wtf, i hate myself rereading this comment, from the grammar and content part.
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