I'm the only frontend dev for a website with over 30M UU a week. It's constantly evolving. I'm scared that even when I have an accident and end up in coma, they'll still hook me to a laptop to code.

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    Any way for you to do some cross training so someone can at least back you up in a crisis?
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    @Jumpshot44 not at the moment. But there will recruitment for another frontend soon, so maybe I'll be able to finally get some time off. Feels good tho..building something this big :)
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    Same for me. We're two people with me doing frontend and backend and my colleague doing backend. I'm the only for the frontend at the moment.
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    I hope you are not texting (this) and driving.
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    You should ask for a raise and insurance your fingers like jlo with her ass(et)
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    @burungbangkai insuring my ass does seem like a good idea. thank you for your suggestion kind sir ;D
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    @kargaroth your welcome sir. :D
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