I like how (almost) everybody is positive about the layout/design change here, whenever any site changes even the slightest all my non-tech-friends lose their shit because normal people can't handle change.

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    Change of design could be of two types, good design and bad design. devRant webApp is appreciated because it is good design but there still are developers capable enough to fuck their initial design up.
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    I still remember the outrage when Instagram changed their logo because RAAWWWRRRR THEOLDONEWASBETTER BLAAAAHHHHHH IM DELETING THIS APP NOW
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    Well to be fair this change is great.

    I really like the new font.
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    I think part of being a designer/developer is being okay with change.

    Everyone evolves over time, and just like it's maker design and code do, too.

    Normies need to learn to embrace (good) interface changes.

    Once people enjoy a new UX pattern they forget all about how new it is and just start complaining that this isn't on other sites now.
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