So not even the devs at Microsoft are using Windows πŸ˜‚

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    This is intended.
    And it works.
    When Microsoft promote vscode , they used the same trick.
    Many developers use vscode on Mac now, including me.
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    @sunfishcc haven't thought about that this way. Just found it funny. I too use VSCode even on Linux (Work Mac in the picture btw) It's what Atom tried to be. In general I like what Microsoft is doing lately: first class Linux support in HyperV for example.
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    @Pandakowski my problem is the key binding. VS2017, vscode and vscode Mac have totally different key binding. Why?
    When my boss saw I was using some hotkeys, but it didn't work. I feel I'm a total idiot 😒
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    @sunfishcc can't we customize them in the sittings.json?
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    @Pandakowski yes and no. Ctrl+/ can't be used in vs 2017. Press " on highlighted line will replace rather than quote. Don't think you can change that in vs
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