Yesterday, my employer promoted me to lead web developer.

I’m still the only web developer.

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    Hey, as long as you get raise in your payment, everything is cool.
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    Soon you’ll manage the web team!
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    My boss sent me this before our conversation about my raise. He's a funny guy.


    I didn't get the raise though.
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    @rockyk welcome to devRant.
    Now you have enough ++ to get an avatar
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    As long as you get a hike in pay.
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    Well did you get a pay raise? I think that is needed too!
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    Follow up:

    I did NOT get a raise.
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    @BrainDrain but you got a title
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    I had the same problem, I was the only one web developer for a year, then I did a meeting with my manager and told him that is not fair for me,

    I compared our team with other teams in the company.

    Then I warned him, if he will pay me for 5 web developers (as another team has 5) or he will find new members for our team.

    Next day morning 2 new members joined in my team! Now we are 5 web developers after 5 months!

    But I had a 50€ raise in my payment after our meeting.
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    you leads yourself
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    No competition!
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    I feel you bro ..
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    Early April Fools joke?
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    @BrainDrain And that's why I don't give a fuck about titles. Money talks, bullshit is called "lead senior specialist coding monkey^w ninja rockstar".
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    @k0pernikus I highly agree. The best motivation is income! Boom!
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    This just happened to me as well. Told I would be "leading a team" of devs. Turns out I'm the only one on that team -_-
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    Not the only developer in the company... But I have been "lead Developer" on several projects. I have come to realize the term lead and only can be used interchangeably 😄.
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    Always ask to be the one to do the hiring.

    Managers are notorious for being unable to hire competent programmers.

    And you want to pick someone you can work with every day without wanting to strangle them.
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    if you ever want to be the bigger fish, get a smaller pond. ;)
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