Got this in Slack from the owner of the firm I work for...

I mean, you already pay me half of the average salary I should be making, but yeah, let me get right on that...

To be fair, I work with this guy because he is a really good guy to work for, is very hands-off (no micro-managing), doesn't expect me to work on the clock or any overtime and lets me make all the calls with our directions in development. Plus he pays me all he can afford, so it's not like he's trying to screw me (he shares the books with me to prove it).

But still, the dude has to realize you get what you pay for. You don't go to McDonalds if you want a gourmet burger...

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    Why do you need to hire someone? Businesses are beginning to realise it's way more cost effective to bring in resources as and when needed rather than having to pay an annual salary when you only needed the resource for a few weeks.
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    @ymas We're actually understaffed at the moment. We need at least one more developer full time. We just signed on three huge clients, so most of my time will be spent working on those, so I need someone to handle the smaller day to day tasks.
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