Why some of you guys hate PHP? Sad. Please enlighten me. Haha

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    Because it's cool
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    I hate most languages and yet php isn’t one of them strange enough. If I had to use it more than twice a year maybe I would hate it?
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    I dont hate it nor love it. But i would prefer any other language.
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    @ScribeOfGoD i think it's cool too hehe
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    @FrodoSwaggins i think you love it too haha
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    @jakobev hmm which language do you prefer?
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    @fullsnack-dev are we talking about "web languages"?
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    @fullsnack-dev then i dont know😂 have just js basics and learning php recently.
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    They hate PHP because they’re crappy programmers. Everyone shuld use language of his own choice, and not because it’s „trendy”. And most of people mistakenly thinks, that PHP is a web language only.
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    - it’s simple to learn
    - it’s simple to deploy
    - it’s simple to maintain
    - you can be up and running with a script quicker then you can load VIsual Studio.

    - it was never designed to be a full blown language, but then neither was JS and here we are many years later.

    - it doesn’t enforce anything out of the box (design pricinples, methodologies, MVC/OOP, functional)
    - it doesn’t have strict types (this is handy though)

    - global constants don’t need to exist to be callable in some situations (case sensitive and fall back to strings)
    Eg :

    Define(“HELP”, ”help”);
    if( HELp == “help” ){
    //this works

    - it won’t hold you’re hand and tell you how to fix it

    - although being simple to learn, knowing all the cliff hangers and knowing how to avoid them is no easy task

    - new devs pick it up and make an exceptional mess of things
    - this leads to the misunderstanding of it being a horrible language.
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