A while back I was learning web development so I could create web apps. I'm by no means any good at graphic design and whatnot, so every time I'd make a page to rig up with some JS I would get really frustrated with trying to make the page look decent and professional (not professional quality design, but usable as an application in a professional setting), even with bootstrap.

Does anyone have tips for getting over that hurdle? I want to learn, but I get discouraged by my graphical ineptitude.

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    You need not worry too much about how the app looks until you are done with its functional aspects.

    The app will look unappealing at first but once you make sure that it functions as per your client's requirements, slowly start making changes to the UI till you feel comfortable.

    Look for CSS samples and tips online for some inspiration.
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    @oneinazillion13 hit the nail on the head but for when you do redo the UI, this has been floating around reddit, and is pretty helpful. I’m not really good with design either, but the tips have made my designs look better

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