Our parent company is pushing a new zero defect policy for code that gets shipped.

The next day they announced they are firing our QA team.


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    QA isn't needed for anything, they are just waste of money. Who said that ever?
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    That seems counterproductive.
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    Let them learn the hard way.
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    😄😢 wtf?
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    Makes sense... I mean, it's QA the ones that detect bugs and errors all the time. Fire those sons of a bitches and no more errors reported!
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    @antorqs The 'Murican way!

    Remembers me off that The Onion Sketch about raising the criteria of obesity. https://youtu.be/hRoSJ1y1FSY 😆
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    @heyheni OMG hahahaha
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    Zero defects? We all know there is and will never be a golden code
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    @oxmox It is more about shipping code with zero known defects.

    Fortunately they aren't stupid enough to think bug free code is a real thing.
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    Sounds to me like the devs will just end up doing the QA team's work. Someone will need to properly test that in a production (release) environment
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    Didn’t Apple do that? Hey customer, welcome to the Apple QA team: no pay, long hours, frustration beyond belief.

    “Oh no, we suck again!”
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    Since there are zero bugs in the code QA is not needed. First week will prove that QA didn't find any bugs so the policy must be a success.
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    @Avyiel that "someone" is probably called "customer". ;-)
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    Why waste money on QA? Let's just fire all the devs who make bugs until we have only those who don't!
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    There's no defect if no one checks the program
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