Is there a way to develop passion for programming ?

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    1) Make something and amaze yourself.
    2) Make something harder and go “yay”
    3) rinse and repeat.

    If this doesn’t work maybe your doing it wrong?
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    Pair programming ? Or any other methods ?
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    Pair programming is good to see how someone else would handle the task at hand, can be insightful with the right people and the collaboration is always great to have.
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    @C0D4 i like programming with friends actually. But i'm curious if there are any other way
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    @irene i'm kind of a social person - easily get distracted, and easily get de-motivated. Maybe i'm too depending on the other because i always want another one to stay with me during my work and even studying. That's why i need to find a solution.
    Maybe group study is a solution for me.
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