What I do after a long day/week at work coding...?

More coding! 😀

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    Side project? I hope...
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    Always 😃
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    No downtime?
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    I'm always either writing a game or playing one.
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    Just be careful you don't burn yourself out. Happened to me.. Not fun at all
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    @ElectricCoffee that has happened to me before!
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    @kheftel worst experience ever
    Impossible to stay concentrated
    Impossible to think straight
    Constantly tired, even when not sleepy
    Coffee doesn't help
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    Work project, side project - that's the way it goes for me as well. I'm trying to tone it down a little bit these days, but my mind doesn't seem to be able to switch off.
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    @kshep92 that's my problem to a T. If I only consume content (play games, watch tv), eventually my brain gets bored and wants to create something!
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    I go to the pub
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    I find meditation to be a good tool to keep my mind from overheating and get a little away from "the coders mindset".. :)

    I can recommend the headspace app for that :)

    Tai Chi is also pretty interesting but I haven't practiced that very long so can't really advocate for it.. Yet :)
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    I have overworked myself on a few occasions, and yes, not fun. Takes me like a month or more to get back into the groove. 😡

    What I really wish is that I could have my motivation switch on at all times!
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    i usually got burned out after a long streak of coding. thats where my laziness come and i should go out somewhere offline.
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    That's some serious dedication...
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