When i was studying Engineering, I used to wonder how programmers works straight 3,4 days without sleep and all.

With today, I completed my 3rd day, with just 2 hours sleep in the last 70 hours.

Now I get it,

This is.. passion,
This is.. love,

This is Life.

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    This is madness!
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    Yeah it's great but you should really get some sleep :)
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    Lack of sleep eventually digs an early grave.

    Be careful :p
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    You are gonna be a great dev
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    Early grave from overworking yourself while doing what you love
    Late grave (but no guarantee) from working a boring 9-5 job

    Choices, choices...
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    Actually, this is an illness... :/
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    Wow., What a quote. Loved it.
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    Not here to encourage you to continue. You need to sleep!!
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    When you only code, eat and sleep then you have a problem...
    And a possible burn out on the way...
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    I used to do these 30 hour code marathons, now that I'm not in school and am older I know why you really shouldn't!
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    Mind sharing we why really shouldn't. Will be very useful.,
    Guess health issues or something else..?
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    @Gowtham95india sleep deprivation isn't good for your health.

    Besides that, after a long time without sleeping, your performances begin to decrease. It is way more probably that the code written from someone that didn't had enough sleep will be messier and buggier than the code written by the same person, but under healthier conditions.

    But that's just my opinion.. ;)
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    @Gowtham95india Several reasons.

    Short term you end up producing code that is either buggy, needlessly complex, or just generally unmaintainable. This is a natural consequence of lack of rest. It happens in all kinds of work, we're simply not wired to focus like that.

    Mid term you are going to feel the health effects of lack of or very irregular sleep, like low sleep quality, trouble focusing, irritability, etc. They tend to be hard to detect in yourself until it's already really bad.

    Long term this also has an effect on your enjoyment of your work, which will (I don't use the word "will" lightly!) lead to burnout. Not to mention that at some point you will look back and realise that you define yourself by your work, which leaves you dependant on it.

    I'm not saying never work overtime, or never stay up late to fix a cool problem, but be VERY aware of the fact that a good work-life balance is absolutely essential to function well both at work, and as a person.
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    I do feel like I'm missing good work life balance. I have either no friends nor a girlfriend, and family also not with me. Yes I spent all days on works.

    True I need work life balance.
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    @MaxS your comment deserves more upvotes!!!
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