Because blockchain is a merkle tree-like data structure that isn’t synonymous with a cryptocoin. I feel like blockchain fell into that buzz word pit, with machine learning, that execs use to try sound innovative and smart in front of superiors.

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    I bet it’s machine learning is bunch of ifs and while...
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    The russians want to implement it with thejr voting system
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    @Santaclauze obviously. It’s no fun if everyone else can do to you what you do to them. 🤣
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    The russians are smart.... A lot smarter than the rest of europe it seems. @Brolls
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    @Santaclauze this is probably my unpopular opinion but the reason Putin and Trump are so apprehensively treated (to put nicely) in world politics is because Trump is arrogant enough to go to war and Putin is shrewd enough to do the same.

    On topic though, in a constant game of cat and mouse, it is always and advantage when you house the roles of both.
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    Trump is smart but more erratic and surely more prone to hurt feelings. Putin... Well you just dont fuck with Putin.

    The game is heating up and one side is doing better than the other, and its not the western one!@nikmanG
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