I just noticed that the UI theme picked by the client it's almost the same theme as Pornhub.

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    It seems all of his time in research has finally paid off.
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    To be fair, pornhubs theme is pretty nice.
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    You should send this to your client
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    This rant just made my day, hahahahaha.
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    Thats a wk95 material. Hahahaha
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    @IshYume believe me, I'm tempted to ask where did they find such a good-looking theme.

    @hobbyte here ya go. Removed the logo for privacy ;)
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    @D--M to be fair quite a few designers and clients take a look at it. Even google check porn sites for the preview function.

    Porn sites are in most things their time ahead.
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    You think they make faster networks just because? Nope, completely porn driven
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    Pretty sure the Porn industry is behind the latest market choices in terms of what the next successful medium will be. They picked VHS over Betamax, DVDs over CDs, BlueRay over Toshiba HDD, now it's mostly online and content delivery services (like Hotels). They've already gone balls deep into VR. I wouldn't be surprised if they pioneered Robotics and A.I. next.
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    @Vip3rDev "balls deep"
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