So a client hired us to rebuild their website, because their current website is being held hostage at their current provider. The provider locked them out of WordPress and says they will shut down the website at the end of the month.

The client wants us to hack into the website and get the files. I told them "no chance in hell", but that their current website will be at our host later today.

What I didn't tell them is that I just scraped their website pages to flat HTML.

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    Red Flag. Why held hostage? Usually non payment of some sort in which case, they’ll probably do the same to you. Use the barge pole method and don’t touch it.
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    @helloworld they paid us in full upfront to handle it. My guess is the provider is shitty on reliability and they have a builder within WordPress that is proprietary, hence it being held hostage.
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    When you're to cheap to hire a lawyer so you hire a dev
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    @commanderkeen Funny enough, the clients ARE lawyers 😂
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    @JMoodyFWD ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ lmao
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